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Hello! I will keep this short and sweet. After letting a mundane existence catch up with me; work, eat, sleep (not always in that order) i decided to let some excitement roll back into my life.
So, i picked up some old books that i love, bought a few cook books, seeing as how i am an excellent
awful chef, and i am currently planning some home improvement projects. So far, so good. Then i thought,
"why not blog about it?" So here i am.

Daffodils & Fireflies
 Why daffodils & fireflies? I am currently living in a small, and uneventful town
in central florida, but this is not where my life adventures started.
I was born in the beautiful Franklin, Tennessee. If you have never been there,
hurry up and go!! And for those of you that know what i am talking about,
beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. I lived in a wonderful neighborhood that had an antebellum house that served as a hospital during the Civil War. 
It has a gorgeous field of daffodils out front, i lived two houses down, so when that warm breeze would get to blowing that sweet smell would fill the whole neighborhood. Needless to say, they are my favorite flower, and of course, the don't grow in Florida. Another wonderful thing that doesn't seem to exist much in this "sunshine" state are fireflies. At least not like they were in TN, in the summer the fields were filled with them, and so were our mason jars. 
The things that we loved as children, that we sometimes lose, seem to 
stay with us forever. Daffodils & fireflies are two of those things for me.  
The One 

This is Nick. The most wonderful soul that has ever walked into my life. The word love doesn't even begin to explain.
'Nuff said.